We don’t go to news, news finds us

It doesn’t look good on social-news, social-bookmarking sites:

  1. RIP Digg
  2. Yahoo! puts Delicious on sale for rumored $5m and the deal was reportedly bargain down to $1m
  3. Reddit is still strong but there are signs of attrition
  4. My stake: StumbleUpon may go on because it is slightly different from the rest


  • Shift to consume news on social media
  • Shift from topic-led to influencer-led: we are less interested in following interesting topics and more in following interesting people
  • Paradigm shift: we will no longer go to news, relevant news finds us. How does machines know what is relevant to us? By two things: data mining and people know who what interest us

Let’s just face it, Digg is so 2007 and even if it might still be a cash cow, future doesn’t look good.

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